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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a UTM link?

UTM Links are a free tracking system endorsed by Google. They allow you to track exactly where your visitors are coming from. This makes it possible to see exactly which marketing strategies are working. And across channels too!

What is UTM tracking? (👈  awesome intro to UTM tracking)

We also have a 5-day email course that will teach you everything you need to start creating, managing, and analyzing UTM links. This will be the perfect primer before starting with the UTM Link Manager tool.

My budget is tight. How can I afford this right now?

You can try out the tool at no charge for 14 days.

The most common feedback we get is the time saved by keeping UTM links in one, easy-to-manage place.

If the time saved is worth $9/month, give it a try!

Why don't I just use the Google URL Builder?

If you’re not making money yet, that might be the way to go.

The Google URL builder does nothing beyond creating the link itself. You still need to:

  • Store the link somewhere
  • Document information about the link for you and your team
  • Create a shortlink (ideally a branded one)
  • Analyze performance
Why don't I just use a spreadsheet?

Before UTM Link Manager was created, a spreadsheet was the best option.

A spreadsheet is capable of some of the UTM Link Manager features such as storing additional (private) information but doesn’t allow you to easily create shortlinks.

With spreadsheets, you may also face version control, access management issues, and frankly, wasted time.

Will this work for an app?

Unfortunately, mobile app installs aren’t as straightforward as web tracking. You will need to configure your app to support UTM tracking.

For app installs, follow the setup instructions here.

Demo Videos

Email Signature

Most people link to a website in their email signature. Very few actually track its performance!

Add email signatures as part of your backlink campaigns.

Tip: In UTM Content, type the email address you are using so you can easily search and filter across your team.

Social Media Bio

Create a trackable link for each of your social media bios.

These links should be part of your backlink campaigns as they are always around.

Promotional Tweet

Easily track views for your promotional tweets.


  1. Add the tweet in the UTM description for quick documentation.
  2. Enter a standardized date format (ex. 2022-01-01-1200, Year-Month-Day-24 hr. time) in the UTM content to document the date and time of the post. You can then filter on the date in UTM Link Manager for easy reporting.
Company Newsletter

This tracking link uses the ‘internal’ UTM source. This is recommended when using internal links shared within your own company.

Product Support

I've set up my account but can't create links.

The likely reason is you haven’t yet finished the onboarding process – you’ll need to configure the shortlink domain for your tracking links.

Step-by-step instructions for configuring your branded shortlink domain.

If this is not your first domain, you can start the shortlink setup flow by clicking the warning icon to the left of the shortlink domain.

How do I cancel my account?

Cancel your account at any time by emailing support@utmlinkmanager.com.

In the unlikely event that any charges are processed between sending your email and it being handled by our team, the payment will be promptly refunded.