Setting up your branded shortlink domain

The purpose of the shortlink domain is to have your own branded shortlinks that point to any URL you want. This helps build more trust with your audience instead of having a generic Bitly or TinyURL link.

So when you sign up, you’ll be prompted with a window to create your shortlink domain. 

1. Click 'Get Started'

And now I need to actually create my shortlink domain. We recommend using ‘go’ for the subdomain. It’s easy to remember and takes up very little space.

2. Once you have added the subdomain name, click 'Continue'

Note: If the domain is already being used by another user, you will receive an error message. 

Next we need to configure the domain. This requires going into the DNS settings of your shortlink domain and creating a CNAME record that points to our subdomain - This ensures your traffic is accurately measured.

3. Go to the DNS settings of your domain. The video above shows Google Domains. If you use another provider, such as GoDaddy, your view will look different but the instructions are exactly the same.

4. Add the host name (aka subdomain). If you chose 'go' in the previous window, type that here.

5. The Type is CNAME

6. You can set the TTL to 10 minutes.

7. Finally, type '' in the Data field. Click 'Save'

8. Once that’s done, head back to the tool and click ‘I’ve Done This’. You can then verify your link is connected to the app. All done!